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Because every piece of the puzzle has its place


Enigmo is the Esperanto of the word Enigma, "riddle," "puzzle."

We chose this name specifically because life and certainly professional life is a big puzzle.
The company, the association, ... are the puzzles, the people - with their competencies, personality and history - are the puzzle pieces.
Professional life brings great satisfaction when the puzzle piece fits perfectly into the puzzle.
It is a period when job satisfaction prevails and ambition can grow.

Unfortunately, this harmony can quickly be interrupted. Change peeks around every corner, both in the organization and in the employee's personal or professional life, until slowly but surely the puzzle piece begins to wriggle in the puzzle. If no initiatives are taken to address this situation, it can drag on for years until someone makes the decision that the puzzle piece will go out.

The team of Enigmo career coaches sees a career management program as the start of a new phase in one's professional life with mostly positive effects on one's personal life. The start of an exciting period that invites you to push your boundaries, learn and rediscover yourself... But even better is that every professional learns to manage his/her career and takes control!

In any case, Enigmo is ready to support!
We promise to be there for all involved (both client and employee), with expertise and energy. With motivation and enthusiasm, we will make the career management process as successful as possible.

... Because every piece of the puzzle has its place

The enigmo foundations of a career management program

Respectful and discreet cooperation
A cooperation with Enigmo career management guarantees a loyal partnership. We want to be for the client, for many years an outplacement and career coaching partner and on the other hand we also want to be a valuable coach for the coachee, a partner who was there at a difficult moment in professional life. We build this trust by working with our clients and customers in a respectful way and acting discreetly and confidentially at all times.

High-end service by experienced coaches
Our coaches have rich professional experience in various aspects of Human Resources Management (training and development, w&s assessments, coaching, outplacement and career counseling) and know the business world from the inside. This makes them the right sparring partner to listen to your challenges and share their know-how with you. For the coachee, they are a confidant and a mentor. The coaches take time to get to know the coachee and work toward a long-term goal. From now on, the coachee will be able to take control of his own career. This is why we talk about career management. This is achieved by working intensively and individually.

Enigmo coaches are accessible at decisive moments
Your Enigmo contact person lives with you! A professional conflict can sometimes quickly increase in intensity, a dismissal date can be brought forward... As an HR manager, you then want to be able to count on a partner who can react quickly. You can also reach us outside office hours via text message, whatsapp.
We are also on standby for the coachee when doubt rears its head, or one still needs a mental boost just before a job interview... a quick chat with the coach can give just that little bit of extra energy to continue with confidence.

The enigmo career management services


when the puzzle piece falls out

Executive profiling

Careers And Organizational Development:

when the puzzle takes a different shape


"To anchor the puzzle piece"


a discreet sparring partner

Emotional support and guidance in professional conflicts


  • Active in Belgium

  • Flexible and easily accessible locations according to where clients live

  • Member of federgon and serving on the board of directors of the outplacement committee

  • Permanently available to discuss or record a case

  • We prioritize emotional care right after a layoff situation at the company, do not hesitate to ask about this.

  • Our counseling services meet current quality standards and legal requirements.


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Enigmo Career Management
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Outplacement When The Puzzle Piece Falls Out of The Puzzle

In the Enigmo guidance programs, the career coach offers great expertise and individual assistance throughout the outplacement process. The focus is on the one hand on the analysis of the career objective and the development of a professional profile and on the other hand on the optimization of the job search and the professional approach to the labor market. The Enigmo career coach is supportively present during the search process of the coachee in order to place the desired goals in a concrete context. The coaching is intensive and always personalized and therefore high-level.

A career coaching with Enigmo is more than just a guidance in the search for a new professional destination, it is a Career management path, which means that the candidate steps into a new professional activity, armed with a better understanding of his own work motivation, the appropriate corporate culture, the success-guaranteeing competencies and possible points of attention - and growth.

An appropriate Outplacement program for everyone:
The Enigmo coach does an individual emotional care just after discharge on the spot!

An Outplacement counseling according to:

  • The General rule: mandatory for everyone from 30 weeks' notice,
  • The Special rule: mandatory from 45 years of age and at least 12 months of seniority
  • Voluntary outplacement: the employer may always spontaneously offer customized guidance

A guidance in the context of:

  • Restructuring: outplacement within the legal framework and tailored to the target groups

Executive Profiling

This high-end coaching is designed for executives and management who are looking forward to a new professional activity and want targeted support. It is a fully customized individual program according to a personalized schedule. This program can be offered by the employer after dismissal or as part of a settlement.

Some themes:

- Deep dive into professional profile
- Expert advice on personal branding
- Alignment of professional goals with personal aspirations
- The forms of contract
- The network
- Leadership advisory
- Fulfilment beyond success (professional satisfaction as a driver beyond success)

Careers And Organizational Development
"When The Puzzle Takes Another Shape."

When the business puzzle changes shape, it can be interesting to revisit the professional ID of the organization as well as the employee to make the right decisions for such things as.

- Voluntary or forced internal shifts
- New management and adjusted strategy
- Voluntary or involuntary demotion
- Promotion of employees
- New location
- Temporary period of emotional overload or reintegration after period of absence
- ...

Enigmo  offers customized pathways aimed at the optimal functioning of the organization with a special focus on the employees .

- Evaluations and performance reviews
- Bad news conversations
- Operation of the management team
- ...

"To Anchor the Puzzle Piece."

Through an Enigmo coaching programs, we always assume that one evolves towards professional success through personal growth. The Enigmo career coach offers insights and support to learn in a growing complexity of the work environment: to make decisions with decisiveness, to obtain the commitment of the team, to increase the impact of the decision ...

Through the coaching technique complemented by the methodology of mentorship, the participant goes through a personal journey to be stronger and more confident in fulfilling daily tasks and deepening the quality of working relationships. In short, surprise themselves and others by transcending the " ordinary doing".

A coaching may include:
- Brief coaching interventions
- Stand-alone coaching calls
- Longer coaching tracks
- Coaching of individuals and teams

Enigmo: A Discreet Sparring Partner

Enigmo's experts are ready to serve as sparring partners. Together with you, they can take a clear look at challenges or current problems.

A sparring session allows you to ask your questions confidentially, find answers and inspiration or simply get "best practices" to address time-consuming" headaches. Enigmo will look for the right topic specialist for you, if required....

Emotional Support And Guidance In Professional Conflicts

When relations between colleagues become rigid or even turn into a silent war, the intervention of an external professional can provide a time-out. If no breakthrough is achieved , a mediator can be used.